If you want to experience the latest in Italian art and culture, don’t go to Italy, go to Abu Dhabi instead!

Italians love to export their lifestyle all over the world and Abu Dhabi has welcomed them with open arms. When in Abu Dhabi, do as the Romans do!  Explore the Italian art, culture, food and fashion all on the doorstep.

First off,  Ferrari World Theme Park pays tribute to the world class Italian brand.  Everything here is the biggest and the best and the reddest in the world. Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest roller coaster, has the same G force as an F1 car. If you follow that with more than 20 unique rides and simulators and then shopping for Ferrari branded goods, you will need to sit down. No problema! There are over 1,200 dining seats – enough to feed  Italian specialities to the entire Theme Park at full capacity within 3 hours.

A good child friendly hotel to take an extended Italian family on holiday is the Royal Rose hotel. It has a perfect family room with large beds, and bouncy furniture. They value loyalty as much as the Italians, rewarding you with great discounts on room rates and restaurant bills when you retur

Bottega Veneta , Bulgari, Dolce and Gabbana, Fendi, Gucci , Max Mara, La Senza , almost an entire alphabet of Italian boutiques are at your disposizione, in the Galleria on al Marah Island. You can also pay a visit to the world class Italian food brand, Carluccio’s. The Godfather of Italian Cuisine, Antonio Carluccio, makes personal visits to his restaurants, to make sure they are cooking his favourite recipes the way he likes them. And he likes them with minimum of fuss, maximum of flavour, just like his mamma used to make.

Rome was not built in a day, but in Abu Dhabi, after a matter of a few years, an entire Italian metropolis is being unveiled. Designed by Italian architects, builders and furniture designers, this US$30 billion project, called Renaissance City, will house 40,000 people with a shopping centre shops and offices, 150 hectares of golf courses and villas, a business district, Italian garden and botanic desert park,  performing arts centre and museum.

In November, the Louvre Abu Dhabi will be exhibiting the original  Reniassance masterpieces, the Madonna and Child by Giovanni Bellini and Jacob’s Journey by Jacopo Bassano. Like the merchant families who were patrons of the Italian Renaissance, Abu Dhabi is showing the same patronage today; the great new Medici of the Middle East.


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